Monday, February 28, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

I haven't blogged since October. Wow. So much time has flown by. Hard to believe that it is already (in 1 1.2 hours) March 2011.
Life in the Perry house has been hetic.
Dylan has had the flue the last couple of days, so not much school work is getting accomplished.
We did watch some shows I have taped on Science channel and History Channel. He is really into guns right now. He watches shows on them and can tell you many facts about them. It should make his history class more interesting, because we can research the wars and guns used.
One suggestion from his ADHD is not to make him do a full worksheet of Math problems. Quality over Quantity is their slogan. So I have tried this and it works awesome. I make him first tell me how to solve what we are working on. If he can tell me each step and does it correctly, I will have him do odd or even problems. I can't believe the difference it has made.
We have been able to skip 3 chapters in Math because he knows it!! yahooo!!!!
Writing is still a very big struggle. We are doing writing class with a group, but it is still very hard for him. I have to really help him with it all. I have even tried letting him write research papers on his favorite guns, but it is a struggle. I know that he will eventually get it. But man, some days its tough.
I have let him make a comic strip for history. He has to show one important event from the chapter. So far it is mostly pictures, but I am hoping he will add captions soon. He is very good at art, maybe a graphic novelist in the near future!!! He would make History interesting for the kids who hate it!!
Dylan is still doing Derby and raced this last weekend, he placed 5th in the morning race and 1st in the afternoon race!!
Katrina is applying for colleges and loves public school. She is always trying to talk her brother into going!! I love teaching him, so I hope he doesn't let her influence him!!
That's all for now, I need to spend a day catching up on everyone else!!!
Take care and God bless!!!!