Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wow I can't believe I haven't blogged

Life sure does get busy.

Trina is now a senior and busy with school. She is still finishing up three courses on FLVS and it is a great big push to get her to stay on pace. She is so far behind, that she can't see the end of the tunnel at all.
She now has her license and a brand new car. Had I known that the insurance would be out of this world, I might have re thunk the new car, but it has some great features. Like On-Star for a year, all the air bags and not dealing with the previous owners troubles!! Who cares that we will never get out of debt.

Dylan is enjoying homeschooling. We are doing things differently and it seems to be working!! Spelling we are taking a different approach. We are learning it from ABEKA and it's from the roots, prefixes and suffixes. At the same time, I am using "English from the Roots Up". I pick the root woods that coincide with the spelling words and he does a couple worksheets with the English from the Roots up series. I am teaching spelling by syllables and not phonics.
I had Dylan tested and was very surprised to find he has a non-verbal learning disability and ADHD. They recommended more medicine and public school. I said no way.
I am trying different learning styles on things and it is working.
One thing is for math, he can use the calculator or his multiplication chart. He has excelled so far. I make sure that he understands exactly what we are trying to accomplish.
One of the suggestions from the testing was that he not write as much. SO I make up all the notes for him to study from. I do make him do his own science notes, but he does them on the computer. I have also let him use his notes for a test to show him how he sometimes missed key information.
enough for now, will try to post more regularly and post pictures of Trina with her new car.