Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life comes up on you FAST!!!

I haven't blogged since February and boy have we been busy.
Dylan broke his femur in half and had to have surgery. March 17th 2009. He had to stay off his leg for 8 weeks. When he finally was able to start slowly walking, he complained his ankle hurt. So we trudged back to the Doctors and sure enough he broke his ankle also!!! He is such a trooper and hasn't complained at all. We do have to have surgery to remove the rod, we will find out on Monday when that will be. He broke his femur on a playground toy called the saddle spinner. Please stay away from them!!!
We went to Dallas Texas for Katrina's Acting. She had alot of fun and meet many new friends. We are currently working on getting an agent. We have a talent scout working with us. It is very exciting.
In July, we traveled to Akron Ohio for the World Championship Race in Soapbox Derby. Dylan placed Third in the World in the Superstock Division. He received a $500 college Scholarship.
How exciting that was!!!
I promise when I have more time (in my dreams) that I will post some pictures.
Katrina has decided that homeschooling is not for her. She is too much a social butterfly and missed being with other people. So she is currently enrolled at a local public high school and is loving it!!!
Dylan is continueing to be homeschooled. It is pleasant without the bickering with Katrina.
We seem to get so much more done!!! Even housework runs more smoothly!!!
I will try to be better at blogging, while I haven't comment on the many blogs I follow, I am trying to at least catch up on everyone's lives!!
Have a great day!!!


Freakmom said...

How awful about the broken bones, but I'm glad to hear he was still able to race! It is nice to hear such good news from you. I miss you. Stop by Homeschool-Talk when you have time too (I know what you mean about not enough time - I haven't had nearly enough to waste on the internet as I'd like to lately!)

Many hugs!


Big Momma said...

Nice to hear your update.