Monday, June 30, 2008

Back home

We are home and trying to get everything back in order. Patches did fine at the vet's for boarding. She sure was glad to see us all. Dave and Trina went and picked her up as a surprise for me. I was sleeping in and heard them come in.
Dylan has a terrible cold. I have one also, but his seems worse. He couldn't get to sleep last night until 4:00 am. He just couldn't breath. For some reason, when I take him to the doctors, they tell me not to use a decongestant and I can't remember why!! It is hard to know what to give them to give them relief!!
Trina is enjoying no school for awhile. She is going to start Driver's Education on FLVS next week. And we will be doing Algebra I.
Weather is very hot in Florida, and with colds we don't want to go in the pool. Maybe we'll just float around.
Been busy ordering books for 10th grade and 5th grade. I found lots at the curriculumn sale and even sold a few of my things!! Trina is going to do English II Honors, American Government Honors, Biology Honors on line. But I still purchase the books for her, sometimes she likes to use the books instead of websites. I also go to the library and get books on each subject. I hope this year will go a bit more smoothly then last year. It was so hard on the kids traveling and taking care of mom. But I am so glad we did it.
Must go and take care of kiddos,
Love you all and hope the summer is going well for you all

Saturday, June 14, 2008

In New York

Dave's Dad was in the hospital, so we planned a week to come and visit and perk him up. We had a wonderful flight, and made it in last night.
Dad looks great. He got out of the hospital on Thursday. It is nice to be back in Massena, but I was hoping for a bit cooler weather. It's just like Florida except much much greener and a nice breeze. It's as humid as I remember. Kids are excited to be back "home". They can't wait to see their cousins and play!!!
Will keep all you posted!!
Enjoy each other!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Heart of the Matter Meme

This week's question is about "How You Schedule." I have two children, dd 9th grade, and ds 4th grade.
My daughter does 3 of her courses online. So she has a set schedule with them.
This year I scheduled day to day. We do get up late, so we do one subject in the morning,
take a lunch and recess break and start in again.
My mom was sick and passed on this school year, so it was a bit different.
I tried to set up a schedule, but it just didn't work with all that was going on.
I do get teacher's planners for each child and fill in what we do each day.
I tried to fill it in for each semester, and when we would get off track, I would have
to white out every page. So now I look at what I would like to accomplish for the week.
I will write it down on a loose piece of paper. I look at all the many books, ideas, games, papers that I have saved and get everything together for that subject ex. commas, the earth, ancient china, etc. The I search the internet for fun ideas and games to go with it all.
As we do each activity, I write it in my planner. No more messy planners!!
Our test day is on Friday. We have a spelling and grammar test and we are done for the day. Sometimes a math test, but we don't plan too much.
I would love to be more structured and maybe this year I will!!
Read some more great ideas at :