Monday, November 10, 2008

To busy with life to blog

I am trying hard not to "plop" myself near the computer during the school day. So it really leaves me no time to blog.
I need to post a picture of me....I had my hair cut short and highlighted. I love it!!! I just need to find a product that works for the frizz's!!!!
Dave went to NY till Friday to see his dad (he is still very sick). We are planning to go see my Dad for a couple of days. We have so much planned this week it will be a short visit for us. We are planning to see Tennessee William's Glass Menergie at Shakespeare in the morning. Then head up to dad's for the rest of the day and spend the night. We need to be back Wednesday afternoon for Religious education and Boy Scouts. I am going to substitute for 1st grade religious education. I use to teach it, but with Mom's death, I needed a year off to regroup!!
I have been trying to be more positive with schooling, both my kids are so NEGATIVE. I am trying to plaster a smile on my face and just roll with it. I think working out is helping me achieve it. Thought not this am. We dropped dave off at the airport at 6:00am and we are not use to being up at 5 am!!! So when I asked Dylan to do his spelling and he started his complaining, I lost it. So I went and walked the dog!!!! He did it, but sloppily. I told him, if he ever did it that way again, I would make him redo it!!
Weather here is still warm.
Must go and see what subject they want to do after lunch!!
Have a blessedly happy day!!


thislittlepiggy said...

I'm worn out just reading about it! :o)

Red said...

If you get a chance to listen to The Secret on audio CD it. You will not be sorry.

I am a half glass full, and spilling over person, while my husband is half glass empty and running on empty, until he listened to The Secret.

I am not saying he skips down the street, something none of us want to see, but his outlook on life is different. Not where he needs to be, but so much better.

Rent it and see.