Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yahoo!! Trina will stay homeschooled until at least December

Okay, the whole reason Trina wanted to go to public school was, of course, Dylan. He belittles her and is just a difficult boy. Which by the way, I am working on.
But to make a long, long, long, story short. When I called the public school to set up appointment to get her in, they told me no way. She needed to wait until after Christmas break. It would be way to hard for her to make up the 9 weeks she has missed and would be hard for her to "fit" in.
When I told her this, she cried. She so wanted to go. I told her that this was God's way of telling her she is better off at home. She hates on line courses, but we both know that she won't do the work out of a textbook!! So we shall see what happens between now and Christmas.
She has started guitar lessons and I told her I would look into French class and Creative Writing at our college for night courses.
She is just not motivated enough to do things on her own. I really don't want to mess up her chances at college. I really never had the chance and wish I had. Oh well, I am praying alot to our Savior and our Mother and hopefully they will help her see the way.
We went to the Shakespeare Theatre and saw "Kiss Me Kate". It was so wonderful. It was over Dylan's head, but he behaved wonderfully!! I so love the theatre!!! We are going to see Robin Hood on Friday.
Well that's all for now. I am so happy Trina is still going to be homeschooled for a while.


Freakmom said...

A cooling off period is probably a good thing. Then if she's still wanting to go for the second semester she'll have a fresh start. She'll have to buckle down in school. It probably won't be a bad thing at all. She's a teen, maybe the space will be good for her. Maybe she'll realize she missed it at home, maybe she'll spread her wings and soar. Both would be good results. It will all work out the way it is meant to.


p.s. easy for me to say, no?

Sherri said...

That has to be hard! I hope mine will continue to be happy at home, but I know if they aren't that I will have to make some big decisions. "sigh"

Amie said...

good luck...things will work out. I bet she'll do just fine at public school. That girl is a social butterfly and you've taught her right. =)