Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My family doesn't care...maybe you do!!

If you look at the moon and notice the "bright" planet to (my right) it is the planet Jupiter.
My family could care less....but I thought someone out in blog land might want to take a look.
I noticed it last night and said to dh that I thought there was planet. I finally had a chance to
look it up and yes, oh yes, I was correct.
So enjoy the evening and bring your binoculars and take a gander at Jupiter.
I love nature and history!!!


Sherri said...

Thankyou!!!!!!!! We caught Jupiter once like that, and it was the clearest that we had ever seen anything. I mean, it looked like jupiter..not just some bright star. I can't wait to go out tonight. I hope it is still easy to see!! It's rainy here, so I might be out of luck :(!

Big Momma said...

Would you believe I have my telescope here in the family room just waiting to go out on the deck at night to see something in the sky besides the clouds. I know where I will be tonight.

Sherri said...

How frustrating! Between the million mosquitoes and the clouds, I didn't get a very good look at Jupiter tonight. It is beautiful up there...so bright...but I didn't get a good look through my telescope. "sigh"

Freakmom said...

How cool. I had seen the planet, but hadn't looked up which one it was.