Monday, September 08, 2008

First day of School

Our first day was August 26th, and I am just now posting pictures!!

I always take a picture of them in front of the tree in our front yard. It is so much fun to see how much they have grown each year.

Here is my darling son, Dylan.

Here is my darling daugher, Katrina.

A close up of them actually being nice together!!!
We have had a great start to school, some interruptions,: family from out of town, a bff of Trina dancing with the Russian Ballet in Romeo and Juliet which was awesome.
Each day gets a little bit better.
I will try to post more each day.
I hope everyone is doing well. I pray that none of the hurricanes/tropical storms are doing any damage to your homes.
Blog with you soon.


FatcatPaulanne said...

Very good-looking children you have there! What a good idea to take their picture in the same place every year.

Donna said...

Great to have you back!
Glad to read all is well & school is running along smoothly.
Look forward to you future posts.