Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ever feel like God is talking to you??

I have been struggling with the guilt of my mom's death. I know alot of it is emotional due to the hormones in my body. I also know that guilt is one of the grieving process's. But the guilt is still there. I have been reading the blog of Proverbs 31 daily devotions.

Today's theme was like God telling me I am okay. I did enough for my mom. She knows that I did and appreciated it.

But Satan likes to throw those thoughts in your head,"You left her when she cried and begged you to stay. She needed you and you abandoned her." Even though I will struggle with these thoughts, I now know that Jesus is here with me and I am worthy!! She is in heaven and happy!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm here

AS soon as I can find the camera, I will post some pictures of what is finished.
The entryway has to wait for there were some problems. This is a job that just won't finish!!
I am trying hard to dust everything and get things put back in their places. Finally finished Dylan's bedroom, Katrina did most of her room, the guest bedroom. I can't believe how much dust this made!! I also did most of the laundry room, am so tired.
We have the family room almost together!! The computer is back in its home and up and running. Still need to do...livingroom, dining room, master bedroom and finish the laundry room. My many, many, many cookbooks and cooking binders are so dusty!!!! Oh well, it will keep me out of trouble.
Trina is doing awesome on Driver's Education. WE will finish Algebra soon. Dylan needs to practice writing and multiplication facts. I am hoping by the end of this week, things will be almost back to normal and I can find things!!!

Weather here is so hot and thunderstorms every afternoon. It really saps your energy!!
"Breaking Dawn" is released this Friday. Trina and two girlfriends are coming over for the day to prepare for the "Prom" for "Breaking Dawn". I even bought myself a dress to go with them. I actually read the series and am excited about the book also. I even bought myself a copy, so I don't have to fight with Trina to read it!!!! I will donate it to the library when I am finished with my copy.

I haven't started planning for school yet. We are going to the beach for a long weekend in August. I am going to wait till after that!!! We had a very tough year and need the break.

Not much else is new here. Oh yeah, I will be turning 44 tomorrow. Yipee!!! Man the years sure do creep up on ya!!!
Have a great week!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I haven't blogged

The entry way

Here is all of the tile from our house.

We are in the process of tiling our home. We tore up the entrance way, family room, kitchen, computer area, and hallway. I have never seen so much dust in my life. I clean and the next day it is back again. I just quit. Since we couldn't lay tile over the weekend....we decided to paint. Every room in my house has furniture in it from the three rooms. Poor Dylan can't even get to his bed. Thank goodness I have a spare bedroom he can use!!!

Dylan was a huge help. He helped me paint every day. We even painted the kitchen with the sandstone paint. I love it. I will get pictures of the kitchen soon.
So needless to say, no summer school for last week and this week and probably next week!!! We will be spending the week cleaning up!! Every dish in my kitchen cupboards have dust on them. It is so bad!!!! I keep telling myself that when it is all done, I will be a happy camper!!!!
Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heart of the Matter Friday Meme

This is a great Meme and I have had fun reading everyones blogs. I must admit with my mom's illness and death this last school year was anything but easy. We didn't work at school as much as we should of. Except for my high schooler, she kept up on at three core subjects and I am proud of her for that. This was my third year homeschooling my children.

What hasn't worked for us:

1. Homeschool groups....we have tried so many and just don't fit in with any of them. I really thought it was us, and it might be, but I am now not fretting about it.
2. Classes outside of the home...just ruins our whole day, while we do go to plays, art and science museums and even the zoo, I don't participate in the classes. When the kids did the classes they talked more about how the other kids acted and not what they were learning!!
3. Not planning a schedule...we tried to just wing it and it doesn't work for my children. They do need structure and a set schedule. Of course this year was totally different with dealing with mom.
4. Yelling and screaming when they really needed a hug!!
5. Threatening to send them to public school, when I really don't want to do it!!
6. Trying to plan too much in a day, week and even a month!! There is just so much fun things to do with every subject, we don't even get to finish the projects!!!
7. Not taking a day off when we really need it!!!
8. Not putting the Lord first.
9. Not giving each child individual time with me.

I know that this year will be different, not sure if it will be better, but we are still going to homeschool!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Did you have a great 4th of July??

We did some fireworks in our street. Our neighborhood had fireworks from 2pm until midnight. It was quite noisy!!!
The kids had some friends over on Thursday the 3rd. They had fun swimming, playing outdoors, playing on the wii and hanging out. Then their Mom's boyfriend, who is a friend of ours, came and had some hamburgers and sausage with us. They went home about 11 pm and the kids were sad :(. I don't do many sleepovers and we had alot going on. They got over it quickly.
Dylan went and bought Guitar Hero Aerosmith for the Wii and has been having fun unlocking all the songs. They are so much better than me...I am still on easy, can't master the double notes or the blue notes!!! I keep trying when I can get them to let me play!!
Weather is very hot, glad we have a pool.
Trina starts her driver' s ed on line today and Algebra with Mom.
I am going to have Dylan do Math and writing daily. Of course the complaining has already
started and they haven't even done anything yet!!! Oh kids are complainers and I am learning to just state what we are doing and dropping it!! Hard to do!!!
Well, enjoy your day today. Keep smiling and try to stay cool!!!
Love ya all