Saturday, June 07, 2008

Heart of the Matter Meme

This week's question is about "How You Schedule." I have two children, dd 9th grade, and ds 4th grade.
My daughter does 3 of her courses online. So she has a set schedule with them.
This year I scheduled day to day. We do get up late, so we do one subject in the morning,
take a lunch and recess break and start in again.
My mom was sick and passed on this school year, so it was a bit different.
I tried to set up a schedule, but it just didn't work with all that was going on.
I do get teacher's planners for each child and fill in what we do each day.
I tried to fill it in for each semester, and when we would get off track, I would have
to white out every page. So now I look at what I would like to accomplish for the week.
I will write it down on a loose piece of paper. I look at all the many books, ideas, games, papers that I have saved and get everything together for that subject ex. commas, the earth, ancient china, etc. The I search the internet for fun ideas and games to go with it all.
As we do each activity, I write it in my planner. No more messy planners!!
Our test day is on Friday. We have a spelling and grammar test and we are done for the day. Sometimes a math test, but we don't plan too much.
I would love to be more structured and maybe this year I will!!
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Red said...

We are more relaxed. I love structure, but my children work better with a bit more flexibility.

I giev them a weekly schedule and it is supposed to be done by the end of the week....yeah right.

It gets done in the end and I am good to go.