Thursday, May 08, 2008


I recently read "the Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom while Katrina was studying the Holocaust. While the subject matter is very horrifying, the book is very uplifting. Corrie had
such a wonderful outlook and so trusted in the Lord. In one part of her book, she tells how when her sister and her where transferred to a new concentration camp, they had to thank the Lord. They thanked the Lord for many things, including the fleas. As I read this, I thought as Corrie did, why should they (we) thank the Lord for the fleas? Later on in the story, it tells you why. I don't want to tell you in case anyone has an interest in reading it....I highly recommend that you do. If you don't want to read it, email me and I will tell you.
The whole reason I am bringing this subject up is that today I was down in the dumps. My children whine and fight with each other, bother the dog, mope when asked to do over work, and bug each other.
I really need to thank the Lord for all those things. Like them whining, at least they can vent how they are feeling, with no worry of ridicule, bullying or abuse!! I am going to sit down and try to look at the positive sides of what I consider negative!!!

Have a great day.


Amie said...

My mom sent me one of the In Memoriam cards from your mom's's beautiful! I put it on my fridge. =)

Dana said...

Corrie's story is such an inspiration. Right now, our world has been a little shaken by our daughter's diagnosis of a chronic illness and thankfulness is not necessarily my first emotion.

But then she laughs or makes a joke. And I am filled with thankfulness greater than what I experienced before. Because I appreciate it more.

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