Monday, May 12, 2008

Survived Mother's Day

It was a sad day for me. My first Mother's Day without my mom. I had a headache all day and couldn't do what we planned to do. Which was go see "Ironman". Last time I had a headache and went to the movies, I was sick for a day!! So I rented "The Seeker" and "Becoming Jane", both great movies by the way.

School is going on. Trying hard to get Dylan into writing. He hates it so much!! Found a book at our library store "Write Away" so we began reading it today. Hmmmm...everything it suggests is what I AM DOING!! Oh well......I keep reading that it will come to him, I need to just RELAX!!

Weather is hot. Many fires going on in Florida.

Please pray for all those families and all the families in China.

Not much new is here. Kids' All American Derby is this Saturday. It is the Championship for Derby. The winners get to go to Akron Ohio.

Hope all is well with everyone.


EJB said...

ok sure just have to rub it in that its hot. Its cold here in NH..
Just letting you know that i blogged.. So its there..
Love yas

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Look at this post. If it's hadwritning problems that your child is having, this should fix it.

Freakmom said...


Are you near the fires? Good luck at the derby!!