Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is Summer Here Yet??

WE all want school to be done. Trina has alot to do to finish within the next 2 weeks. She doesn't want to do the work, yet wants to be done.......hmmmmm.

We will still have to do math all summer, but I plan to take at least 2 weeks off for my sanity.

My Aunt Bernice and Uncle Ken stayed with us for a day. They are from Utah and we haven't seen them in 13 years. It was fun. We took them out to eat alligator and to see our "Big Tree" in Sanford. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Not much else is new here in Florida.



Danette said...

My dad has a old friend in Sanford. We love in Port Saint Lucie...home of the twin Hurricanes of 2004, so we are practically neighbors.

Glad to have found your blog.

Amie said...

my kids still ask me, Did Grandma and Grandpa REALLY eat alligator tail?? I think they had fun! Thanks for letting them stay!