Friday, April 11, 2008

Trying hard to get back into the swing of things

It has been hard for us all to get back into the swing of things. I must admit Dylan has done the most while Trina and I are trying.
We are using Dinah Zike's World of Space for our Planet study. We are on the moon right now.
He made a moon book and we look at the moon each night. I drew all the circles and he fills in the colors!! He is really loving it. Dinah showed a cool experiment on reflection for the moon. We took a hand mirror into a dark room. We shined the flashlight on the mirror. You see yourself clearly and the room is bright. Then you take hand cream and cover the mirror. Now you shine the flashlight on it and see no reflection, but the light bounces off the mirror and you see the room is lite up more. AT least that's what I got out of it. Dinah doesn't explain enough for this brain!!! I did not excell in math or science!!!
Dylan was having trouble with his memorization of multiplication facts. I put it on hold and tried again. HE GOT IT!!!! We do two worksheets a day of the same facts like 7. Then I lay out the 7 flashcards on he floor. I give him the product and he has to find the flashcard that matches it.
He loves doing it!! He asks me everyday if we can do it.
I am now a firm believer that if they aren't connecting, but it away for awhile. Come back to it later on.
For history Dylan was learning about Hannibal and Carthage. He had fun making Roman jewelery out of coins and the Hannibal elephant flip out from Story of the World. He enjoys it so much he tells me over and over "that it is not schoolwork, it's fun work." He sure does love his history.
Trina is learning about fossils in Florida. I wish I could incorporate a trip it for it, but we are soo busy there is no time!! She is studying WWII in history and hates it. English she is reading "Romeo and Juliet", we finally rented the ballet story of it.
She is preparing to make her Confirmation this Saturday. She is taking my Mom's name Anne for her Confirmation Name. We have been at church everynight this week. Monday she had an Atlar Server meeting, Tuesday was our last Confirmation class, Wednesday we teach First Grade Religion and she had her youth group. Thursday was Dylan's Religion Class. Tonight is rehearsal for Confirmation and tomorrow is Confirmation!!
She asked me to be her sponser, and today the two of us received the Sacrament of Reconcilation. I was very proud of her for doing it with me.
My Dad and sister are coming down tomorrow to stay with Dylan (they aren't "church" people) and I know the mass will be especially long for Dylan. We plan to go out for dinner. We don't have enough family to do a big party for her.
Next weekend we have derby both on Saturday and Sunday. Dylan is going to race Saturday and Trina on Sunday. It makes it easier on me. I am too out of shape to be handling both cars in one day. I still dislike derby, but do it for Dave and the kids.
I will try to start blogging again. I miss you all.
Love ya

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