Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm so tired and don't care

I am so stressed and tired. I really need a vacation and it won't happen for at least two more months.
We have family going and family coming and school to get caught up with and finished.
I just want to go away and rest. Like that will ever ever happen!!! What is rest anyways??
Weather is cooler and I am enjoying it. we try to walk everyday. I even made a pot of chili.
It is so good. I love cold comfort food and don't have much of a chance to cook it.
Of course the chickadee's won't even try it. Oh well, I made them the way they are, so I can only blame myself.
Must go,
Love ya


Mrs. Darling said...

My feelings exactly. This timeof year I just want to run far away.

Donna said...

I second that motion!!!!

The Perry Family said...

Hi Bunny,

I just got home from my Cancer Run in Memory of Anne. I hope I did her proud. I raised $100.00 in her honor. I totalled 5.5 miles and ran 2.75 of those miles. I averaged 12 minutes a mile. I received a t-shirt which I am mailing to you as a remembrance of how much we did share your grief as well her life. I did have an opportunity to view your blogs and was a little hurt that you believe we have put your family as MIA for 7 years. With a full-time job, 3 kids, sports, house upkeep, mortgage, car payments, and the price of heat and gas -- it has been difficult to save enough money to travel far. That is not an excuse but reality. And although we couldn't be physically there for you it didn't mean that we didn't feel your pain and share your sadness either. I wanted to do this race and started training during our rough winter (outside jogging on snow) after the kids were in bed and when it came time to honor someone -- YOUR MOM WAS MY FIRST THOUGHT. So I hope you realize after all of your anger is gone -- that I will still be there if you need to talk. Liz

gerri said...

I visited Florida...just 3 years ago!!! Had a lovely dinner with the "sunshine perry's" did ya' all forget?... Hard to do much traveling these days with sick and needy parents to care for and expensive colleges to pay for. But, as Liz said, it's no excuse..just damn ole reality. Growing old is a pant filler that's for sure...peace out (Just me...little old NO ONE)

Freakmom said...

Hi Bunny,

I hope you have gotten some rest and are feeling better! Keep taking care of yourself and treating yourself to comfort food. I'm here if you need a shoulder or ear.