Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Dylan is learning about adjectives.
An adjective describes a noun.
An adjective may tell how many, what size or what shape.

Here is his new rhyme:

One, two, buckle my nine, huge, square shoes.
Three, four, shut one, big, triangle door.
Five, six, pick up ten, little, circle sticks.
Seven, eight, lay eight, medium, octagon straight.
Nine, ten, twenty, gigantic, oval hens!!

He is having fun with this!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Line Graph



Here is Dylan learning about line graphing. We used a small bag of M & M's and he graphed the colors.
He had fun doing this! Learning can be fun!!!
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Trina working



Here is Katrina in her computer center. She learned about the Triangle Fire and here is her bumper sticker she made.
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Bar Graph



We did this Math lesson on Friday, Feb. 2nd. We bought a box of dots and he graphed it. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the graph!! I will have to do that!!!
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