Thursday, November 08, 2007

Where does time fly to?

Here is a picture of the pumpkin Dylan and his Dad carved. I thought it came out great. The only problem with living in Florida, the very next day the pumpkin had a ton of mold in it. YUCK!!!!!

Here Dylan is learning about fractions. We took a bag of M & M's and a worksheet that showed him how to make a fraction. He, of course, had fun with this!!

Here is my sweet, sweet daughter doing her work on her computer. She still hates History, but is doing her time!

I have tried to start teaching about artist, composers, etc. While I am not very good at it yet, I found some books I had on Vincent Van Gogh. I had a worksheet that had the artist do a picture like Van Gogh. First, you color with bright colors on a heavy piece of white cardstock. Then you take India Ink and cover the whole picture. Finally you take a sharp object, (they suggested a penny..didn't work) and scrap out a picture. I think Dylan did a great job!! Then I found some great notebook pages to go with artist and A&E had a show on Van Gogh!! I love it when it all falls into place. So tomorrow we will watch the show and fill out the notebook pages!!

Fridays is our lazy school day. It's always test day, then fun things. Here is Florida Wednesday is a half day for most kids, but we prefer Friday to take it easy.

I am going to try to finish up our little mini unit on Florida. I was "planning" to do a state a week, but it never goes as planned!! I purchase from Highlights the "Which Way" books. Dylan loves puzzles and is enjoying it. I then bought the state notebook pages from "Homeschool EStore" and we are using some of the sheets. I also downloaded from the US Mint, the booklets on each state. He colors the state quarter, and we do the fun activities with the booklet. I try to give him coloring pages to do when I have to help Trina. This way it is all in a folder for him, and he can color what he wants and it's okay not to finish it!! It seems to be working. (Knock on wood.)

I am also doing a Character Counts with the kids. Here is the web address:

I downloaded the quotes and have dry erase boards for each of the kids. We have a theme for a month. I put up a new quote (almost) every day. It is so funny how the quotes fit my children perfectly!!! They have a quote for Elementary School and High School. You can download a list of books that go with each theme. We read the books and discuss how it goes with the theme. I love it and feel it helps them also!! This month we have chosen "Responsibility". Today's quote for Katrina is " Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life." Unknown Dylan's quote is "There's only one way you can fail and that's to quit." Brian Hayes Dave even comes home from work and reads them!! Katrina, of course, will always say that she hates me. That's because it is describing her!!!!

Weather is finally cooler. I even put on the heat. Only because Katrina wouldn't leave me alone about it being so "cold". Me....I would prefer to just put on a sweatshirt and not have the heat on. But my kids are wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!!!

Mom starts her whole head radiation today. She is hanging in there tough!! She has whole head radiation for 4 weeks 5 days a week. They did tell her she would lose her hair, but she hasn't lost any throught this whole thing, I don't think she will!!

I just finished reading:

I loved the book. I am now adding her to my favorite author list.

Well, I must go and get the kids up.

Have a wonderful day.

Love ya and God Bless,



Amie said...

What an awesome pumpkin...I love it. By the way, I don't have Katrina's blog address or her email, but tell her thanks for all her kind comments on my blog. I tried to reply back, but there was no email link on her mail blogger page. Good for you for keeping up the home schooling and trying to make it so interesting. Heaven knows I couldn't do it!

Donna said...

I enjoy reading your blog : )
Which computer program are you using for your daughter?
Were you happy with the notebook pages for the United States you bought? I have been thinking of ordering something like that. We are also working on the states I ordered travel packs from each state so my daughter has something to look at about each states:
Best Wishes,

Lisa said...

That pumpkin is TOO funny! :o)

M&M fraction sounds as delicious as the Marshmallow Molecular Models that Rosie and I made this week! YUM

Katrina is a doll! Dylan is too!

Keeping your mom in my prayers!