Sunday, November 25, 2007

Virtual School

I have had many people ask me about the Virtual School my daughter does.
If you live in Florida, the one we use is free. I don't know what it costs for out of state, but here is the website

You might try to google your state and Virtual School.

My daughter is a struggle with school work. I like the courses, she doesn't like the work load. I know that it is much more simpler than public school. I like that you are in contact with the teacher, and they are VERY helpful. I like being able to check her work, and work with her.
She hated Algebra on line, it was very hard to type up the equations and we spent more time looking for the keys to use than it took to do the work.
You do follow a pace and must do so many assignments per week. It works for us, but not for some.
I hope this helps everyone out!!


Amie said...

hey, where'd you get your new blog background from? I like it!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Thanks. I will look into it for my oldest who is 15 and who is being kind of a pain about his school work.

Donna said...

I thought I was at the wrong blog - You've made changes, It looks nice. Thanks for the info. on FLVS - I signed my son up for a health class he needs to graduate, just waiting to hear back from the teacher. Kelly on the other hand is really balking at trying it.
Thanks again.

Lisa said...

Glad she has something that works for her! That's half the homeschool battle!