Monday, November 26, 2007

Spelling Lists

This is a great website for spelling lists. While I am not using it yet, I am going to as soon as I am done with the curriculum that I am using.

It goes by grades and looks good.

Our spelling is improving so much!!!

Here is what we are doing:

Each day he has a worksheet that came with the curriculum. So he does one each day.

Day 1

I go over the spelling hints with him. Then give him a pretest.

Then he writes the words on his spelling paper. He decorates it with stickers and uses this list all week long.

I then make a fun sheet with the alphabet on it and he must put the words into ABC order.

Do worksheet.

Day 2

I pick 5 words and we concentrate on these. Dylan has trouble with the vowels and phonics of words. I give him the vowel tiles and then I hand him the consonants tiles and have him spell the word. We then split the word into syllables.

He also makes up a wordfind with his words. He also has to write the words again so I know what words to find!

I make him a word find and he finds the words.

Do worksheet.

Day 3

We study the next 5 words. We again do the tiles for the 5 new words, and the 5 words we practiced yesterday.

Do worksheet.

Day 4

We study the next 5 words. Today we go over all 15 words. We play a spelling game. He uses the dictionary for my spelling words. (He sometimes doesn't pronounce them correctly and I spell the "wrong" word.)

Do worksheet.

Day 5

Spelling test with a bonus word usually from History.

He has been getting 100's!!! It sure does work.

I am going to try to upload some photos.

If anyone wants a copy of this stuff, send me your email and I will email them to you.

Of course, I ask him the words everyday. While in public, at home, on our walk. He gets mad at me for asking in public, but tough luck!!!

I also have a binder that has 3 sections: Rules, Trouble Words, and All about Words.

I have him write the rules down ex: short o is spelled with o dog, log,

long 0 an be spelled

o oa ow

ago coat low

Under trouble words, we write the words that he misses on his final spelling tests.

We go over the words once a week. I try for daily, but it never happens.

Under all about words, he writes about the grammar part of a adjective describes a noun.

Root words are.....etc.

I hope this can help someone else out.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks awesome, Bunny!

We are using A Reason for Spelling. Rosie gets mad when I ask her to spell her words in public too! LOL