Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fellow Bloggers

I want to know when you find the time to blog. I must be horrible at managing my time...because I have no time to blog!! Oh no, wait a minute, what's that I hear????
Oh it's my kids fighting, calling me, bugging the dog, not doing their school work, the phone is ringing, the wash is done, the dishwasher must be loaded, bed sheets changed, I must look up the Milky Way, Dylan needs the computer to do his Math Blaster Mastering the Basics, must print out SOTW test, must see if the library has all the books for the next two lessons in SOTW, Trina get doing your school work, Patches need to go out and do her business, what now!!! It's lunch time!!!
I swear that my kids are way tooooooooo needy!!! They need me for everything and even though I am trying to get them to be more independent...IT"S NOT WORKING!!!!

I hope everyone is doing fine.
I will try to blog more later.
P.S. Sign up for Scholastics letters from History which are from the Mayflower and the Tribe. They are great and the website to visit is good also.

Enjoy your fall day....it's warm again in Florida. RATS!!!!


Amie said...

It'd be different if your kids weren't home schooled...lots easier to ignore all that stuff when they're gone, lol!

Lisa said...

Mild and rainy here.

Look on the bright side... The only reason I get to blog regularly is because Rosie is up way too early every a.m.! LOL

Freakmom said...

I try to blog when Violet is off reading, or at night when she and Mr. Incredible are reading aloud.

But you can see by the inconsistent dates in my blog, I'm not the best one to look at. LOL