Monday, October 29, 2007

So much to say and so little time

Thank you everyone for your wonderful prayers.

I am home for a while. Mom's procedure went okay. She has to start whole brain radiation as a precautionary measure. She will start around November 6th and have to go 5 days a week. While doing radiation, she can't have any chemotherapy. She has her pet scan tomorrow. This will tell if the cancer in her lung has grown and if it has gone anywhere else.

Her mouth is still drooping, drooling and talking weird. They told her it may never get better and it might go away completely. I know that it depresses her alot. I try to keep her upbeat. I will probably go up every other week to give Dad a break. But I will have to be home for Kat's acting classes on Friday!! Busy, busy, busy!!

I am going to attempt to add some photos in the order I want. HAHAHAHA. It never works that way for me!! won't even let me do it. I will try again tomorrow.

I never did get to post my reading list!! But I have been busy reading.

I finally finished "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Sure I can post pictures from the web, but not my own!!!

I also just finished "Courting Trouble" by Deeane Gist
Loved it!!!

I am now reading "The Marriage Game" by Fern Michaels

I love Fern Michael's books.

They are a great funny lighthearted romance books.

I love to read everything.

My most favourites authors are:
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Jude Deveroux (she even answered my letter personally!!)
Diane Gabaldon

I have a few others that I read. But these are my top notch writers!!!

I must go and put my kiddos to bed and enjoy a nice cold leisure beer.

Love ya all and thanks for listening to me.


Amie said...

best of luck to her these next few weeks. You're such an angel to go up there to help so much! don't forget to take time for yourself!

Freakmom said...

Hope the treatments go well.

And as long as you don't have to drive anywhere...treat yourself to a second ice cold beer. You deserve it!

Daisy said...

Still praying! :o)

Jude Devereaux is one of my favorites too! LOVE her characters!