Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am still alive!!

Life is so busy...I don't even have time to be on the computer. I try to read everyone's blogs, but no time lately.

Update on Mom, she is going to Jacksonville on Thursday to have the cyberknife procedure done on her lung cancer in the brain. I am going up tomorrow to be with them. Dave is able to take time off from work to be home with the kids and dog. (Another story for later.)

The procedure should take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I am going to be there with Dad for support. And of course to help out after. She has been having a very tough time with it all lately. The poor girl calls me crying quite a bit. Glad for those free minutes!!! I am also glad that I am able to listen to her and try to cheer her up.

School has been tough. Trina always blames everyone but herself for her work not being complete. I was very "lenient" and let her go to Derby on Saturday. She wasn't suppose to go because her weeks work was not complete. She does her core subjects on line, so she must keep on pace!! (Which I love.) Monday she did nothing but complain, headache, tired etc. Hmm...wonder why I hate derby!!! I made her redo 2 assignments in History and had to listen to the complaining!!

On the other hand...

Dylan is doing awesome!!! I am so proud of us both....he use to get 40% on spelling tests and since I read Dr. Mel Levine's books...he gets 110% (we do bonus words)!!! Yahoo!!!! His tips really work!!!

Today for writing...he started a report on the Space Shuttle Discovery Launch. It fit perfectly into the writing topic!!!

I must go and eat. I will try to blog some more later.
Love ya all!!!!


Donna said...

Hope everything goes well with your mom! My prayers are with you.
Keep us up-dated when you can....

Daisy said...

Praying for your mom! :o)

Homeschool rocks! WooHoo!

Redoing assignments... Not so much. :o(

Freakmom said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts for your mom! I am so sorry for all that you are both going through!