Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well, it's September 12th and I can't believe how I never have time to blog anymore.

Just a quick recap.....still homeschooling. Dylan is in 4th grade and Trina is in HIGH SCHOOL 9th grade.

Akron was horrible, Katrina was very ill on race day and she still managed to place 9th in the World Championships!!! Dave is having a hard time with it all, because she had the fastest times and the fastest lanes for the next 2 races and would of won it all. He is so heartbroken.

Katrina and Dylan bought skateboards. Katrina used it twice and on her 2nd try, she fell off and broke her leg. That took us two weeks to find out and how I dislike doctors and the way they do things here in Florida. And to boot, we just switched to this new doctor!!!! She has been in an air cast for 3 weeks with apply NO PRESSURE at all on it. (This has been driving me nuts!!!!) Orthopedic doctor told her on tuesday that she can start to put a "little" bit of pressure on it. NOt alot!! More next week and then we see him again on the 25th for more updates.

Mom's cancer is not spreading (Yahoo) and is she is doing okay. My aunt on my Dad's side has cancer also. She is not doing so well, lost her hair, is very sick from the chemo and is trying to keep her spirits up.

Me.....tired of life. But Jesus keeps giving me the strength to go on each day. The above picture is of me at Dave's Fantasy Football Picking Get together. Dave is not in the picture...he's the one taking it.

It's 10 and I must get my kids to bed.

Love to you all


Amie said...

I've been wondering about you, Cuz. Sorry to hear about Katrina...she's having a rough month or two! yikes! I'm glad things seem to be going ok with your Mom. And is that A. Joan you're talking about? So sad...I hadn't heard about the hair. =(

Keep your chin up, lady. This too shall pass. Love ya!

Amie said...

I like your new blog look!