Monday, July 16, 2007

Akron Ohio

We are here in Akron Ohio!!! We are having fun getting ready for the World Championship!!!

Poor Dylan is sick with a cold. He and I stayed home tonight instead of going to the Areo's Baseball Game. We are ordering Room Service and trying to make him well!!

If you want to visit my photo album daily (I hope I can do it daily) here is the first link:

I know you are not Derby people, but we had to drop Katrina's King pin....we now have to do this because of cheaters and it is kinda a big deal. Dave did it and we are a okay for now.

Both their cars past inspections and they even got a VIP Ribbons!!! We are so special because of it.

I would post more photos tonight, except Dave has the camera!!! Tomorrow is another day.

We are staying at the Quaker Square Hotel and it is soo cool. All the rooms are round and the murals in the lobby are awesome. I will post some pictures tomorrow, but you can visit their link at:
Tomorrow we leave the Quaker and go to the Fairfield hotel. We stayed downtown the first couple of days because all the festivities are downtown. Plus I hate to get up early!!

Food is here, so I will write later!!

Love ya all,


Amie said...

So I never heard any updates? How did it go? I didn't understand the 'drop the king's pin' comment...

FatcatPaulanne said...

Cool pictures! It looks like fun.