Friday, June 22, 2007

Time Flies

I can't believe how fast time does really fly by.
We have been home for two weeks and have been so busy with catching up on housework, laundry, getting the kids evaluation....everyday life.
Mom is doing okay, she has finished her treatments and gets two weeks off. She will go see her doctors on July 5th. Both my Dad and her are happy to be done with this part of her treatment. It really was hard driving to town everyday, waiting for the treatments, doctors etc.. One of her doctors told her that the tumor has shrunk. I am trying to find out how much it shrunk, but haven't received an answer yet.
My cousin Amie and her family were in a horrible accident. Luckily they are finally all at home and recovering. The middle child was hurt the worst, but from her pictures and blog, they sure are bouncing back quite nicely. (It sure doesn't look it from the pictures!!) I don't know how she doesn't cry everytime she looks at Cameron!!! You are still in our prayers, Amie.
Both my children passed their school evaulation with flying colors. I still don't think I do enough, but was told by the principal who does it that I am doing wonderfully. Still hard to believe!! LOL!!!!
We won't know if Katrina will qualify for Akron, OH for Soapbox Derby until tomorrow.
She is quite upset about the whole thing and has been making our lives miserable because of it. MMMMmmmmmmmm....wonder why I HATE Derby????
I have lots of other things to blog about....but no time.

I do want to say if anyone is studying the Holocaust that Elie Wiesel's Book "Night" is wonderful. Katrina did not read it, but I did and cried. It is more for the high school students, but should NOT BE PASSED UP!! I know that the Diary of Anne Frank is a must have also. I also read the book "Surviving Hilter" by Andrea Warren. I honestly must say that I read alot of books on the subject. I remember how I cried when I first read Anne Frank. I wanted to read more, but at that time in school we barely touched the surface with this subject. Now I read in the newspapers how some people believe that this never happened!! I am so upset about that!! I will never let my children forget the horrors these poor people went through. In fact, I read in one book that the American People had a chance to help them and didn't!!! The "excuse" was that America was going through the Depression.
This was under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's time and here I thought he was a great president!!! I wish I had written down all the details, but I don't remember EVER learning about that in school!!!

To a bit of a lighter side, Dylan and I just finished reading "Runt" by Marion Dane Bauer. It is a novel about wolves. It was very sad and happy. I cried and laughed and cried some more!! Some were even happy tears!! It is about a wolf family and how they deal with their lives. It really does make you ( least me) think about us humans are making life difficult for all animals. With the constant construction and building going on. Which is another reason, why I personally won't kill the wildlife around my home. I know the snakes aren't venomous and I leave them be.

Okay, okay, okay enough for today. I will try to post some new pictures soon.

Give everyone a hug and make sure you tell them that you love them. Life is very short. Enjoy one another!!