Monday, April 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are finally at our own home. It sure does feel nice to get back home. Dave was a busy guy while we were gone. He took out the kids old bathtub, and put in the new one. He also put up the new tub walls. Installed the adjusting shower head rod.
I am off to buy the rounded shower curtain rod.
Needless to say we aren't doing much school work today. I HAVE to pay bills!! Finally got some food yesterday. We had nothing to eat!!!
Mom is going to meet with the radiologist today. I don't have any more information yet. We did meet with the surgeon on Friday (before I came home). I thought it was positive information. He said that if the tumor shrinks, he may be able to perform surgery. Just not at this time. Also her cancer is at Stage IIIa and is NOT the fast growing cells!!! I left feeling very positive and hopefully it rubbed off on Mom and Dad. Then when we got to their home......OUR HOLY DIRT FROM CHIMAYO CAME!!
I rubbed it all over her chest and back and hopefully that will help it disappear like I read about it!!! POSITIVE THINKING!!
Once I get unpacked and caught up on housework, school work etc..........I will post more.
Love one another each day....give positive thoughts, smiles and hugs to everyone!!
Life is way too short!!
Enjoy and encourage~~


Amie said...

I'm sure it's so glad to be home. What a scary time for you guys. Wish I could pass along some hugs! Good luck with your renovations. It's nice to do something new once in a while. =)

Lynn said...

I'm glad you're home! Congrats on getting that work done in the bathroom, it feels great, doesn't it?

Janet said...

Glad you are back home!

Amie said...

Hey Bun, where ya been?