Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

We have been so busy with Derby racing every weekend that I am soooooo tired!! Last weekend we went to Lakeland. Katrina is the only one who placed, she got a 3rd.

We took this weekend off, only because we are traveling all the way to North Carolina for a two day race next weekend!! We will be taking Friday off from homeschooling to travel there and Monday off to travel home!! My mom has agreed to
take Patches for the trip.
We had a great day today. We went and had "lunch" at Chilis. We ordered 4 appetizers and had fun talking and laughing as a family.

Then we made a stop at the mall. Dave got some jeans and I purchased some much needed bras. Mine were at least 3 years old!!! Isn't it terrible how women neglect themselves!!
Then we went to the $1 theatre and watched "Happy Feet"!! What a wonderful family movie!! I couldn't stop my feet from moving!!!! It makes you want to take tap lessons!!!

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Amie said...

Hey Bun, nice to see your updates! How fun to see a picture of you too. =) We went to Chili's this weekend too, great stuff! Glad you had a good time. Cute calcium lesson!