Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Derby Races




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Not sure why I can't see photo's as I am posting, but the first picture is a good Derby Mom friend with Dylan and Katrina.
The second one is Dylan getting his 1st place trophy.
The third photo is of Trina racing....her car is the pink and in the left hand lane.
The fourth photo is of Dylan racing....his car is blue and in the right hand lane.

It was the most miserable day of racing. It was in the city of Ocala, which is 2 hours away. I packed two changes of clothing for everyone, it wasn't enough. We were at the track at 7:30 and by 9:30 the kids clothes were soaked, by 10:00 we had no dry clothes. I was giving the kids my dry clothes for them to use. Even Patches was miserable. I wanted to leave after the morning race.....which didn't end till 4:30 p.m., but everyone in my family wanted to stay. Needless to say they are happy we did. In the afternoon race Dylan got a 2nd place and Katrina got a 3rd place.
This weekend we are off to Lakeland for another round of racing. I had paid for Zoo classes today, but Dylan doesn't feel good, and I need him well for racing.

School is going okay. Katrina is the one child I have to hound to do work. But as my therapist says....where she is in school or homeschooled she would fight me...might as well be at home!!! LOL!!!
Dylan has started a space unit with the unit study from Dinah Zike. It is a great unit and we are having fun with it. We are also still taking our time with SOTW and MOH. We are having way to much fun with Ancient Egypt. I found some great folder units at Lakeshore to use with it. He is doing well in reading and is greatly improving on spelling. We are learning multiplication and he has started cursive writing. No wonder I have no time to blog....we are tooooo busy learning.

Katrina is learning about the Great Depression and has fun dressing her American Doll to that time. Last week she learned about the 1920's and the flappers. She had a flapper dress for her doll and dressed her up in it. I will let her do anything to help her enjoy history. She soooooo hates it. I didn't enjoy it in school, but only because of my teachers!!! My Dad had arrested their sons, and they took it out on me!!!! Now I find history very interesting. She has started Math in Abeka and is happier with this than Saxon. I decided to do Science with her over the summer. It gets so hot in the afternoon, it will be nice to spend time indoors.

I guess that's all for now....I will try to find more time to blog daily.
I hope everyone is doing great, is healthy and remembers to LAUGH daily!!!
Love ya all


Amie said...

Wow, look at all those trophies!

You sure get a lot done. Such diligence and patience you have, Bunny! I struggle with Sean just to do his 10 minutes of homework every day; I can't imagine having to be his teacher too. You're doing great!

We need to see some pics of YOU on here!

Amie said...

I changed my background by doing a search on Google for blogger templates. Then, I just chose one I liked and inserted it into my Templates. It's a big hassel though, and I usually end up losing all my links and several other things before I figure it out. It's a pain! What's easier is just manually changing your bg color, type, sizes, etc, and you can do that via blogspot pretty easy. It's a bit trickier to add a picture, but it's doable. the flower one I had before was like that, and it took me a full day to figure it out. I'm only a novice with html, but once you figure it out, you can pretty much do anything with the page!

Lynn said...

Woohoo! Congrats to the kids on their races!