Monday, October 30, 2006

Shakespeare Theatre

Friday was a busy day for us. We went to the Shakespeare Theatre again, but this time to see "Miss Nelson Takes a Field Trip". I have never laughed so much in my life. The actors were awesome. Katrina didn't like it, but I loved it!!!!
Then it was home and I helped katrina by printing stuff for her. I feel it was too much information for her to weed through, so I printed a couple of choices and let her choose.
Then I dropped them and my dog at my parents. It was an 1 1/2 drive for us, but it was worth it. They watched the kids and dog so we could go to my hubby's bosses party. I even went shopping for new clothes!! It took me 3 hours to buy 1 pair of jeans, 2 tops, a belt and new shoes. I haven't shopped for myself in years and had no idea about fashion!! Also I have lost 2 dress sizes (only 10 pounds), and didn't know what would fit. I still can't believe it was 2 sizes smaller!!!

School day was tough today. The kids were still tired from Grammy's and Grampa's. That's my story and I am sticking to it!!! Dylan woke up wanting a half day of school. Katrina woke me up at 7 and wanted to know why I wasn't awake!! Usually it's me trying to get her up.....but I at least wait till 8 am!!! LOL!!!

Dylan did okay once i wouldn't let him cry his way out of work. He does it and does it well, just the motivating him to do it is tough!!

It's late and I want to watch my Criminal Minds from last week.....Hope everyone is healthy and fine.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Frankenstein and the Orlando Art Museum

Today was our field trip day. Katrina went with a pre-teen group to see the one man play called
Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus
By Jim Helsinger From the novel by Mary Shelley Here is the link so you can see some pictures.
She was in the front row and enjoyed herself. I will ask her to post on her blog a review about it.

While she was enjoying her show, Dylan and I went across the parking lot to the Orlando Art Museum. We were able to see some original Claude Monet paintings!!! It was truly wonderful. Dylan actually enjoyed having time with me without Katrina!! Here is the art museum link to see some art!!

Then it was a mad dash to pick up supplies for SOTW and lunch!! We made it home before Susan and Woody came over. We studied about Hammurabi and made Ziggurats. We also worked on the Egyptian Pharioh masks for SOTW and for Boy Scouts!!

I don't quite know how to get the photos down here!!!

Tomorrow we are going to the Shakespeare Theatre to see "Miss Nelson takes a Field Trip."

Both kids still have the runny, stuffy, full of snot noses and a cough. Dave is now feeling bad. His colds always go to his chest. I am sure it's from the asthma. I made him use his breathing machine. He hates it cuz the medicine makes him jittery. I think it helps him, but he says not.

Me...still healthy. Must be those 2 beers I have each night!! LOL!!!

Hope all is going well for everyone.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Butterfly emerges

October 23, 2006

Here is a picture of one of our butterflies. We have a total of 9 caterpillars that have cocooned. So far two butterflies have hatched. It is so cool. They are Swallowtails. We have fun checking each day to see if any have hatched.
Both kids are sick with bad colds. Dylan took the day off on Friday. He was so sick he didn't even race in the derby!!
Katrina raced and got a 2nd and 4th place. She will tell you all about it in her blog. She was sick Sunday and today. They both did a little bit of school work today.
Finally the weather has turned cooler. Too bad the kids are sick and can't be outside enjoying it!! Oh well.

Dylan and I played a fun bingo game with nouns. It had singular, possesive, and Proper nouns. I let him use Skittles for the markers and he loved playing it! He is doing well with reading. Phonics Pathway sure is helping him out with learning the phonics of words. I am taking their advice and not doing a spelling test till he is halfway through it. I still make him write the words, do a word find, and other spelling activities, just not the test! We are plugging away at math. Today was mental math. He just doesn't get it. He asked me why he had to do mental math when he knows the answer!! Good question!!
I made them both a lapbook for Thanksgiving. It is way too cool!! It took me awhile to figure out some of the folds. I had to cut and glue alot!! But it is so awesome, I can't wait for them to start on it. I found the group through a Yahoo group. It is called Live and Learn Press. Check it out! You'll be glad you did.

Katrina is doing Saxon Algebra and doesn't like it. We haven't even really started Science. Oh well, there's always next week. She is doing well in her online course for Language Arts. Her US History online is so cool. This assignment she has to make a dictionary for every letter of the alphabet, but it must pertain to the American Revolution. They gave her 7 websites to visit. She is doing it in a cool powerpoint presentation.

I guess that's enough rambling for tonight!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006

Model Glacier

Here we are trying an experiment about Glaciers. It didn't work out at all!! I was suppose to put the sand in a plastic tray. Which of course I don't have.
Maybe it did work, I don't have the teachers edition, so I am honestly not sure what it was to do!!

We froze pebbles and rocks in a small milk carton. Barely covering them with water. (Mistake number one, we filled it with water!)
Freeze overnight, fill tray with sand, push ice blodk across sand. Tell about the path made by the ice.

Well, it just moved the sand and left some pebbles in the sand.

Not sure!!! LOL!! We will figure it out eventurally!!! Posted by Picasa

Experiment in Flooding

Here Dylan is doing an experiment for Science. We filled a cup half full of sand, and another cup with the same amount of water. Dylan marked the cup with sand where he thought the top of the water would be. He then poured the water into the sand. His guess was way off, but he had fun doing it. He understood what he needed to!! Makes you happy when you think they aren't understanding and then when you question them, they do KNOW IT!! Posted by Picasa


We have been studying Ancient Egypt in SOTW and MOH. I found this 500 piece puzzle of the pyramids in Egypt. We had fun doing this with our lessons. WoW!! My background is messy!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Columbus Day Late

Here Dylan is with his Columbus sheet. He colored according to the instructions, I helped him cut out the path. He colored the boat and sailed it from Spain to the New World.

I always have all these wonderful ideas of things to do, but never enough time to do them all!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 13, 2006

Busy, Busy, busy and getting nothing done!!

Since Wednesday, we have had a guitar lesson for Dyl, completed chapter 5 in SOTW. They made a cyclinder seal. Did a little bit of school work and took today off. Dyl did, Trin had to complete her Colonial Newspaper for US HIstory. She is so funny. This is one course she does online and she asked me what I would have graded her. I told her an 80. She got mad!! I told her she needed more detail. We shall see what her teacher gives her.

Everyone is going camping tomorrow at the boy scout camp. Mom is staying home to scrapbook and watch movies!! I am so excited and can hardly wait!!

The kids have made their own blogs, but haven't blogged in it yet.
Trina's is

Dyl's is

They should be blogging next week. I am going to try to make it part of their schoolwork each day. More fun than writing in a notebook. Thanks for the idea Funky Redhead!! You Rock!!

Have a great weekend. I know I am going to!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Carrot Mummification

Here Dylan is with his carrot. It has been in the mummification process since last Thursday, October 5, 2006. It is very soft, brown and very, very wrinkly. We took out all of the old salt and put in new salt. The old salt was stuck together. I believe it is taking the moisture out of the carrot. I could be wrong and I will have no hard feelings if you want to correct me.

Here is Katrina's carrot. She is making a face at the carrot and both of them were afraid to touch it!!

Today was Katrina's last day of guitar lessons. We are not sure if we will continue on. I feel that if they don't practice, they really don't want to learn. Of course, they come up with every excuse they can. I have to PUSH to get school work done, I am NO WAY pushing for them to practice. She wants to take voice lessons and they start next week.

Not much going on today. Hope everyone is doing well!!
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday, October 9, 2006

We got home late yesterday afternoon from visiting my parents. We had such a peaceful visit. It is always so quiet and country. I know why I am such a country girl!!
We did not do any school work today. I was hoping to do some fun stuff about Christopher Columbus, but instead helped out a friend.

I am hoping tomorrow to have a good school day!!

I know that not to many people read my blogs, but please take the time to answer my few questions.

What subjects do you do daily?
I try to do Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Religion and writing.
History is SOTW on Thursdays, Science we try to read and do experiments at least twice a week. MOH I try to do at least twice a week.

Do you feel guilty if you don't get to them all?
Yes, terribly.

What's your fear about homeschooling?
My children aren't working and learning to their potential.

Do your children know their math facts? Can they do flashcards quickly?
Katrina definitely yes.
Dylan NO WAY!!!! Not even close.

Any questions you can think of??

Thanks for taking the time to answer!!

Here's to a wonderful night and a sunny tomorrow.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Story of the World 10-05-2006

Today was our History Co-op with our friends Woody and his mom Susan. Susan hosted todays class and she is helping the kids mummify their carrots. SOTW wants you to mummify a whole chicken, but I am not up to that task!! Especially in hot, hot, hot Florida!! Katrina and I have done the carrot before and it is pretty cool.
As you can probably quess, we are learning about mummies, the process of mummification (is there such a word??) and the Pyramids. It was a fun class, then it was off to Dylan's guitar lessons. Not much school work done except History and Music. It was a fun day.
Tomorrow we will have to work hard to make up for what we didn't do today!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday, October 3, 2006

I can't believe that it is already October. We have been so busy with school. I just can't believe I haven't posted in awhile!!

Last week wasn't the best, but this week it's rocking!! I talked with dear hubby and we decided to let Katrina drop her Spanish II class. It was an online course and it was very hard for her to do. Of course, she still complains about US History on line. But I do it with her and it's so much fun!! Not sure why she doesn't want to learn...just lazy.

Not sure if anyone has heard of the Jonas Brothers. They are a boy band that the kids listen to on Radio Disney all the time. You can visit their website at We went to a concert at a lounge in downtown Orlando. It was so much fun! The kids enjoyed it so much!! There were maybe 100 people there. Very laid back, not crowded at all (I hate crowds), and the kids got to meet them and get autographs. It was a very memorable night for them. On my tickets it said no cameras. I believed them and didn't bring mine, EVERYONE had theirs. I was so sad :( I love to scrapbook and missed this wonderful opportunity!!! Oh well!!
The boys were so nice, they even thanked me for bringing the kids!! How sweet!!!

I was at my Mom's group last night and heard about the shootings in Pennsylvania. It is so sad.
I wish our world could be different. I am sure God , Jesus and Mary are so sad also. I can picture them up in heaven shaking their heads at the way people are. The families are all in our prayers.

May God Bless everyone,