Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Where does the time fly to??

I can't believe that it is already December 5th!!

We are trying very hard to get back into schooling...my gifted daughter is the hardest to convince to do her work. We are going to switch from Saxon Algebra to Abeka Pre Algebra. I hope that this one will work. I didn't like Saxon either, but that could be because I never took Algebra!! I sure do wish that the prices of things were more affordable. I did buy everything used, but it still adds up!!! I told her that she hasn't even really done a full schedule. It takes me all day to just get her to do her two online courses!! I told her things had to change or she was going to fail 8th grade and have to redo it! How do you get your children to do their work? Any magical ideas?? I did take away her voice lessons for today. I just can't see her getting rewarded with something she loves to do, when I can't get her to complete her work!!

Dylan is trying though he HATES Math. I have tried to make it more enjoyable, but it's just something he doesn't like. I am using Scott Foresman which he liked when he went to private school. I was able to buy it before Ebay went nuts with the teacher's editions of textbooks.
I have him doing flashcards everyday which we time him on. He does love to try to beat his previous time. I think once he has all the facts down, math will be a bit more enjoyable!

I have decided to do no out of the house activities starting in January. It seems that if we leave to do one thing, nothing else gets done for the day. Like when we do voice lessons, the afternoon is out. Do you all do things outside the house? Is is a lost day for you??

We have put up our tree, just need to add the tinsel and candy canes. Patches loves to get under it and lay down. I will get pictures for tomorrow.
Weather is actually cool today...which I am enjoying. I finally get to wear a pair of jeans!!

We hope everyone is doing well. Now I need to read everyone's blogs!! I just haven't had time for anything!!

God Bless,


Funky-Redhead said...

OH YES! If you go out the day is obliterated! BMAn has percussion lesson on Tues Morning, so if I need to be out, I try to do everything that day, because the day is GONE anyway!

As for taking away voice lessons...I say go to it! We have been known to take away swim, karate, and Boy scouts! VERY EFFECTIVE! Out of everything else we've tried!

Also, a friend of mine, went to a psychologist, about how to eliminate unwanted behaviors...he said basically to assign tasks that they don't like. For example. You don't want to do math, then you can clean the bathroom, or garage or whataever. Somehow a couple time of jobs they don't like, school work doesn't look so bad anymore.

Funky-Redhead said...

are you anywhere near orlando, etc...?

sunshineperri said...

Sure am.

Funky-Redhead said...

We will be vacationing there, for you know what! From Dec.31st through the 7th! Thought it would be cool to meet up!