Wednesday, December 06, 2006

School in the Perry house

School was okay today. I made a big mistake of having Dylan time me with addition facts.
now he is upset that I did it in 2 minutes 35 seconds. I told him that was not where I should be and I needed practice, but know he is bummed out he's not better. I told him it took me a long time to get at that time.
We started on subtraction again. He justs hate it so much. I even tried showing him how you can check your work with addition. Still hates it. He wants to know who invented it, so he can tell him off!! I really think if he can work on getting his facts down, he'll enjoy it so much more.
Not sure how we can make it more "fun"???
Trina is the tough one, but we managed to get a bit of LA and US History done. I told her she needs to buckle down with school, or she'll be like college and only low paying jobs. She is now reading the book by Michael Bradley, "Yes, your parents are crazy!" She is loving it and keeps telling me why I do what I do. Well, DUH!!!! Maybe coming from someone might sink in that growing brain of hers!!!
Tomorrow we are off the the Shakespeare Theatre to see "Every Christmas Story Ever Told", I love the Theatre and really only drag the kids so I am not the only adult!! LOL!!! Then in the pm it will be Story of the World. That will probably be it for the day. Oh yeah, Dylan has to make cookies and go caroling with his Boy Scout troop. HMMMMM....not sure when we will squeeze in making cookies, but we must!! I think it will be an easy recipe!!
Love ya all

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Funky-Redhead said...

YOu cam eback with a BANG! Love all the pic's!