Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where does the day go? Don't forget to vote!!!

I can't believe that I haven't posted since the 2nd. We have been busy. Saturday we had to get up at 4:30 am to drive to the derby race in Ocala. It was a very, very, very, very, very, long day. Patches was such a good puppy. Dylan got a 3rd and 2nd place. Trina got a 4th and 8th place. They are well on their way for the points to make it to the World Championships in Akron, Ohio. We left Ocala at 5:30 and stopped to eat on the way. We left Patches in the truck. I felt so guilty!! When we came out of the restaurant, she was looking out the drivers window. I am sure she did that the whole time!!!! I gave her some leftover chicken nuggets and a bone from the baby back ribs. She loved them, then slept till we got home!! I couldn't of asked for a better puppy.
Sunday is always a very lazy day after the derby. Everyone is tired. I was especially tired this time and didn't even go to church!! SIN, SIN, SIN!!
Monday was not a good day. My kids can't even get out of bed without whining about the school day, picking on each other. I asked them both to do a chore before school and they were nasty about it. Needless to say, I lost my patience and told them that if they didn't start helping out more that I would take their Christmas money and give it to the children who have nothing. At least they deserve it and would appreciate it. They finally did the chores I asked of them.
Dylan is having trouble with the whole mental math thing. I really think it is because he doesn't know his math facts. So I am going to buy a stop watch and try to time him. Maybe when he sees that he is improving it will help him. He is also competitive, so maybe I will do it with Trina and myself!! He loves to beat MOM and Sister!!!
We have been playing UNO Attack. They both love it. It does teach math, cuz at the end you have to add your card totals and give the number to the person who goes out. You play until someone reaches 500 points. I won the first game. They both want to finish their school work so we can play again!!
I went to the polls at 8 and was in and out quickly!! Was a great time to go.
Today is Trina's voice lessons and Dylan has scouts tonight. I am having a dinner with my mom's group. I was told to dress up.....what's that?? LOL!! I really don't have much to choose from....oh well.
Hope everyones day is going well.
Give your kids a hug and kiss.....it seems to help me!!!


amiedanny said...

We have Uno Attack and my kids love it too. Sounds like you had a fun busy Saturday. I'm curious, how long have you been home-schooling? Do you think you'll do it till they graduate? Sounds like so much work, I know I couldn't do it!

Funky-Redhead said...

The day of a homeschool mom is never over. It just seems to bleed into the next one. It never ends!

We had to move to a timer for MANY reasons. But, thought I'd share which one I think is the best, since I have owned 3 different kinds! Believe it or not it is the Pampered Chef! ( no I don't sell!)
It has a magnet, and clip on the back, so it goes with you everwhere! It is digital. It is easily reset for same time etc! Also , a warranty. Could go on & on! Wish I had bought it first!

sunshineperri said...

Hi Amie,
I have been homeschooling Katrina since Feb. 14, 2004 6th grade. We did 7th grade and now are on 8th grade.I pulled Dylan last school year and have homeschooled him 2nd and now 3rd grade. So I guess Trina 1 1/2 years and Dylan 1 full school year. It is work, but so worth it. I love it when Dylan just doesn't get it, then we try a different way and voila HE GETS IT!!

Funky Redhead-
I use to sell Pampered Chef and broke my timer!! I think I will get another one!!! And darn it I just got my order and didn't think to order the timer. Was too excited about the cutting board with the measuring cups in it!! And my new spatula!!
You are so right that our days are never over!!