Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another one of those days

Why do we bother getting up if it's gonna be one of those days...AGAIN!!
I wish there was some way to motivate Katrina. She is so smart, yet doesn't apply herself.
It drives me nuts. Dylan is learning her tricks and becoming a mini Trina!!
It must be all that candy in the house, change of weather, hormones. Just pick one!!

I know it will get better. I just wish it was sooner rather than later!!!

Florida is so easy on their evaluations that they don't count the days. For those of you who keep track of the you count a day even if you only do one subject?? Just curious. Yes, I know curiosity killed the cat.

Speaking of death, Dyl wished me dead today 3 times. All because of me taking away his game systems. I told him it was the devil making him act like that and if we had another day like today, I would give them all away. I really think he is not getting enough sleep and it makes him act up this way. His allergies are kicking in again, he has the black circles under his eyes and they are all puffy. I think tomorrow we will just sleep in until they feel like getting up. I will see if this makes a difference. He just doesn't look like himself. Oh weeellll, life goes on.

I hope everyone is having a better day and has a great weekend. I haven't had much time to even read my daily blogs.....that must be why I feel funky!!!
Love ya all


amiedanny said...

We all have those days...I swear for a while there, my biggest goal was for us all NOT to be ticked off at each other when we got the kids into bed. Something about that hour, just brings out the worst in attitude, impatience, etc!

Lynn said...

We have alot of "those" days at our house. Sometimes, I think I'm just having one of "those" lives. ;)

Yes, we have to keep track of days - it's one of the very few things we have to do. Do I count a day that we only do one subject? Well, it depends on how much time/effort was spent on that one subject. If it's just say, 1 page of math, then no. But, if it's a long drawn out science experiment, then yes, I would. I'm one of those who thinks that there's a lot of learning in things other than books, so I'll look at what was all done that day.

Funky-Redhead said...

I agree with Lynn, it is Quality, not Quantity!

Well, I am clapping you alive again! clap clap clap!
I do believe, I do! I do!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Kentucky is not actually 'strict' about counting the days. They ask us to count and we all do, but no one that I know has ever been asked. We talk about it a lot at homeschool meetings, LoL. "What day are you on?" etc. I have to use my judgement on whether to count it as a day or not. It usually depends on how much time they spent on something. Sometimes I'll count half a day and make the other half up later. They have their lists though and anytime they do the whole day's list, no matter how long it takes them, is a day of school in my book. Lots of educational things go on around here that don't get counted. ;-)

Funky-Redhead said...

I am concerned...they didn't tie you up and leave you in a closet to rot did they? Leaving you only a pile of curriculum for company?