Thursday, November 30, 2006

I am alive, but sick

I have some friends emailing me wondering where I am.
First, I hope every one had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.
We went away for the week to visit my parents. It was a
relaxing time, but we all got bad colds.
Since we have been back, we are battling schoolwork
while we are not feeling well!! It has taken all my energy
to just do school. I finally am on antibiotics and hope to feel
better soon.
Derby race is this weekend. So we are trying to prepare
for that also.
I am hoping to be back to blogging next week.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another one of those days

Why do we bother getting up if it's gonna be one of those days...AGAIN!!
I wish there was some way to motivate Katrina. She is so smart, yet doesn't apply herself.
It drives me nuts. Dylan is learning her tricks and becoming a mini Trina!!
It must be all that candy in the house, change of weather, hormones. Just pick one!!

I know it will get better. I just wish it was sooner rather than later!!!

Florida is so easy on their evaluations that they don't count the days. For those of you who keep track of the you count a day even if you only do one subject?? Just curious. Yes, I know curiosity killed the cat.

Speaking of death, Dyl wished me dead today 3 times. All because of me taking away his game systems. I told him it was the devil making him act like that and if we had another day like today, I would give them all away. I really think he is not getting enough sleep and it makes him act up this way. His allergies are kicking in again, he has the black circles under his eyes and they are all puffy. I think tomorrow we will just sleep in until they feel like getting up. I will see if this makes a difference. He just doesn't look like himself. Oh weeellll, life goes on.

I hope everyone is having a better day and has a great weekend. I haven't had much time to even read my daily blogs.....that must be why I feel funky!!!
Love ya all

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No School Today

What a busy life we lead. I ran out of dog food, why I bother to try to feed her is beyond me. I think I have tried every brand out there and she won't eat them. Well....she will if you hand feed I have time for that!!
So we went to Wally World and got that, finally bought curtains for one of kat's windows. Man curtains are expensive...if I had more time I would sew my own, but who has the time!!!
I let them both buy a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt ;). They loved it, but it took forever to figure out what sizes they were. I turned around once to get my cart and it was gone!!!
We went up and down the isles looking for it and then comes a women with it!! She thought it was hers. She even left her purse in the cart. I told her she should NEVER do that!!!
Silly people.
Then a quick lunch at Wendy's, then Trina's Orthodontist app't, quick supper and off to Religious Education.
Finally home and kids to bed.
Tomorrow I think we can manage to get some work done!! LOL!!
Have a great night.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where does the day go? Don't forget to vote!!!

I can't believe that I haven't posted since the 2nd. We have been busy. Saturday we had to get up at 4:30 am to drive to the derby race in Ocala. It was a very, very, very, very, very, long day. Patches was such a good puppy. Dylan got a 3rd and 2nd place. Trina got a 4th and 8th place. They are well on their way for the points to make it to the World Championships in Akron, Ohio. We left Ocala at 5:30 and stopped to eat on the way. We left Patches in the truck. I felt so guilty!! When we came out of the restaurant, she was looking out the drivers window. I am sure she did that the whole time!!!! I gave her some leftover chicken nuggets and a bone from the baby back ribs. She loved them, then slept till we got home!! I couldn't of asked for a better puppy.
Sunday is always a very lazy day after the derby. Everyone is tired. I was especially tired this time and didn't even go to church!! SIN, SIN, SIN!!
Monday was not a good day. My kids can't even get out of bed without whining about the school day, picking on each other. I asked them both to do a chore before school and they were nasty about it. Needless to say, I lost my patience and told them that if they didn't start helping out more that I would take their Christmas money and give it to the children who have nothing. At least they deserve it and would appreciate it. They finally did the chores I asked of them.
Dylan is having trouble with the whole mental math thing. I really think it is because he doesn't know his math facts. So I am going to buy a stop watch and try to time him. Maybe when he sees that he is improving it will help him. He is also competitive, so maybe I will do it with Trina and myself!! He loves to beat MOM and Sister!!!
We have been playing UNO Attack. They both love it. It does teach math, cuz at the end you have to add your card totals and give the number to the person who goes out. You play until someone reaches 500 points. I won the first game. They both want to finish their school work so we can play again!!
I went to the polls at 8 and was in and out quickly!! Was a great time to go.
Today is Trina's voice lessons and Dylan has scouts tonight. I am having a dinner with my mom's group. I was told to dress up.....what's that?? LOL!! I really don't have much to choose from....oh well.
Hope everyones day is going well.
Give your kids a hug and seems to help me!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Here is Dylan's Ziggurat from Ancient Egypt. I am really pleased with his work!! Posted by Picasa

Trick or Treat!!

I didn't know that Katrina could be so ugly!! I sure don't want to meet this devil!!
they had fun trick or treating. Posted by Picasa

Do we need all this candy???

November 2, 2006

The picture above is why I dislike Halloween!! Way tooo much candy!!! Then it's a fight not to have too much in one sitting. Look you can see my cleaning bottle in the background. I need to start looking in the background before I take pictures!!!
This week has been busy. I can't believe it is already November!!!! It has been hard to motivate the kids to do their work. Dylan wakes up only wanting a half day and Trina just doesn't want to do it!!!! Dylan does okay once he gets going. I try to do Math, Reading, Phonics everyday. The rest will get done. It's hard to move on when they don't understand what we are doing!! Then I feel like we are so far behind!!
I try to start Math out with a game. We have card, dice and board games for Math. He really likes starting out that way.
I feel we will get to it all eventually. Life is too short, we have to have fun learning!! Posted by Picasa

Story of The World

Here Dylan and Woody are finishing up their Pharaoh masks. We did it for SOTW and for Boy Scouts!! I love how you can do something and it counts for more than one thing!! Posted by Picasa