Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday, October 3, 2006

I can't believe that it is already October. We have been so busy with school. I just can't believe I haven't posted in awhile!!

Last week wasn't the best, but this week it's rocking!! I talked with dear hubby and we decided to let Katrina drop her Spanish II class. It was an online course and it was very hard for her to do. Of course, she still complains about US History on line. But I do it with her and it's so much fun!! Not sure why she doesn't want to learn...just lazy.

Not sure if anyone has heard of the Jonas Brothers. They are a boy band that the kids listen to on Radio Disney all the time. You can visit their website at We went to a concert at a lounge in downtown Orlando. It was so much fun! The kids enjoyed it so much!! There were maybe 100 people there. Very laid back, not crowded at all (I hate crowds), and the kids got to meet them and get autographs. It was a very memorable night for them. On my tickets it said no cameras. I believed them and didn't bring mine, EVERYONE had theirs. I was so sad :( I love to scrapbook and missed this wonderful opportunity!!! Oh well!!
The boys were so nice, they even thanked me for bringing the kids!! How sweet!!!

I was at my Mom's group last night and heard about the shootings in Pennsylvania. It is so sad.
I wish our world could be different. I am sure God , Jesus and Mary are so sad also. I can picture them up in heaven shaking their heads at the way people are. The families are all in our prayers.

May God Bless everyone,


Donna Boucher said...

Online courses sound like a great idea...but they are not for everyone. While Emma's English course was not difficult. She found it very boring and never wanted to take a second one.

Ah well.

I hope your daughter likes her US History a little better...

Thank you for leaving such a kind comment at my blog.


Lynn said...

The concert sounds like so much fun! The first concert I went to said no cameras, and the same thing happened, everyone had one but me! So now I bring a disposable, so if they really do enforce the "no camera" it's no big deal if they confiscate it. ;)