Thursday, October 05, 2006

Story of the World 10-05-2006

Today was our History Co-op with our friends Woody and his mom Susan. Susan hosted todays class and she is helping the kids mummify their carrots. SOTW wants you to mummify a whole chicken, but I am not up to that task!! Especially in hot, hot, hot Florida!! Katrina and I have done the carrot before and it is pretty cool.
As you can probably quess, we are learning about mummies, the process of mummification (is there such a word??) and the Pyramids. It was a fun class, then it was off to Dylan's guitar lessons. Not much school work done except History and Music. It was a fun day.
Tomorrow we will have to work hard to make up for what we didn't do today!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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Funky-Redhead said...

I have never heard of this before! Awesome idea. Thanks for posting. I will definately be researching this!