Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday, October 9, 2006

We got home late yesterday afternoon from visiting my parents. We had such a peaceful visit. It is always so quiet and country. I know why I am such a country girl!!
We did not do any school work today. I was hoping to do some fun stuff about Christopher Columbus, but instead helped out a friend.

I am hoping tomorrow to have a good school day!!

I know that not to many people read my blogs, but please take the time to answer my few questions.

What subjects do you do daily?
I try to do Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Religion and writing.
History is SOTW on Thursdays, Science we try to read and do experiments at least twice a week. MOH I try to do at least twice a week.

Do you feel guilty if you don't get to them all?
Yes, terribly.

What's your fear about homeschooling?
My children aren't working and learning to their potential.

Do your children know their math facts? Can they do flashcards quickly?
Katrina definitely yes.
Dylan NO WAY!!!! Not even close.

Any questions you can think of??

Thanks for taking the time to answer!!

Here's to a wonderful night and a sunny tomorrow.



amiedanny said...

Hi Bunny,
I do read your blogs each week but I don't home school. I still find it interesting. Good luck!

Funky-Redhead said...

We do: Spelling, Vocabulary, Greek/Latin, Math, Grammar, Reading, Comprehesion, Handwriting, and Music daily. Then I pepper with Bible Study, keyboarding, art, health, karate, Homeschool Group, Chess Club, Boy Scouts, and percussion lessons.

I feel like someone is holding a gun to my head to get them all done! That is how guilty I feel.

My biggest fear,(if you can't tell from our huge list of subjects) is that I would rather him be "too" prepared than "unprepared."

Funky-Redhead said...

To answer your simple question, you get a complex answer! You can find out more by visiting my son's blog, from my site. He is Bran Man age 9.
I have been homeschooling him since 1st grade, and he is now in 4th. My daughter, age 7, is in public school. I always feel like a nut trying to explain this... so the shortest answer is...I am trying to do whatever works for whomever, until whenever!LOL My "degree" is in Musc Ed. That is my comfort zone. My son needed to be brought home for "self-esteem," reasons. His adhd causes teacher /student issues and he feels things very deeply, and doesn't understand why ANYONE would EVER be unkind.I did not feel confident to take this on my own, so in fact the first two years he went to a private Christian Classical school, 2 days and I did the other 3 based on what they told me to do. I loved all their curriculum, but same problem, teachers aren't patient with ADHD kids. And if you could know my son, and how extrodinary he is, you would understand why I couldn't bear for him to be persecuted for something he had no control over. So...3rd grade I brought him home.At least if I lose it, he knows I love him anyway, and I ask him to forgive me!

Thanks for the carrot info. Searched the web, and came up empty! hurumph! Love your posts as well!

Lynn said...

We do: Math, Literature, History/geography and grammar daily. Older 2 do science daily and youngest does science 2 or 3 times a week. Younger 2 do spelling daily. Youngest does handwriting daily. Art and music get sprinkled in. Boy Scouts every Wednesday, and Cub Scouts once a week. Homeschool group once a month.
Yes, very guilty.

My fear is that they aren't learning everything.

On the flashcards:
Bryan, yes
Derik, he can do them, but far from quickly.
Jack, yes