Thursday, October 26, 2006

Frankenstein and the Orlando Art Museum

Today was our field trip day. Katrina went with a pre-teen group to see the one man play called
Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus
By Jim Helsinger From the novel by Mary Shelley Here is the link so you can see some pictures.
She was in the front row and enjoyed herself. I will ask her to post on her blog a review about it.

While she was enjoying her show, Dylan and I went across the parking lot to the Orlando Art Museum. We were able to see some original Claude Monet paintings!!! It was truly wonderful. Dylan actually enjoyed having time with me without Katrina!! Here is the art museum link to see some art!!

Then it was a mad dash to pick up supplies for SOTW and lunch!! We made it home before Susan and Woody came over. We studied about Hammurabi and made Ziggurats. We also worked on the Egyptian Pharioh masks for SOTW and for Boy Scouts!!

I don't quite know how to get the photos down here!!!

Tomorrow we are going to the Shakespeare Theatre to see "Miss Nelson takes a Field Trip."

Both kids still have the runny, stuffy, full of snot noses and a cough. Dave is now feeling bad. His colds always go to his chest. I am sure it's from the asthma. I made him use his breathing machine. He hates it cuz the medicine makes him jittery. I think it helps him, but he says not.

Me...still healthy. Must be those 2 beers I have each night!! LOL!!!

Hope all is going well for everyone.

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Funky-Redhead said...

I am just wondering what you made for dinner? I can't imagine, you squishing anything else into your day!