Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Carrot Mummification

Here Dylan is with his carrot. It has been in the mummification process since last Thursday, October 5, 2006. It is very soft, brown and very, very wrinkly. We took out all of the old salt and put in new salt. The old salt was stuck together. I believe it is taking the moisture out of the carrot. I could be wrong and I will have no hard feelings if you want to correct me.

Here is Katrina's carrot. She is making a face at the carrot and both of them were afraid to touch it!!

Today was Katrina's last day of guitar lessons. We are not sure if we will continue on. I feel that if they don't practice, they really don't want to learn. Of course, they come up with every excuse they can. I have to PUSH to get school work done, I am NO WAY pushing for them to practice. She wants to take voice lessons and they start next week.

Not much going on today. Hope everyone is doing well!!
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Funky-Redhead said...


aww, you have a qtpahtootie! blue eyed red head! I am as well, but son, got his dad's hazel eyes.

Oh, can I relate!!! Same delimma here last year. Fighting everything, so why should I PAY someone for me to fight over something else? Well, it has finally paid off. As a parent and a Music teacher, my only comment would be in favor of the fight. I think it takes them about 2 years to get good enough at any instrument to have the desire to want to practice.

Anne said...

I found you via Funky-Redhead's blog. She's my best friend.

I have to say that if my dad had not made me practice for an hour every day I would NEVER have stuck with learning to play guitar. I remember the day it finally clicked and I was SO excited. Now that I'm a parent I probably wouldn't make them practice a whole hour - that's kind of long.

Lynn said...

I think I would have been afraid to touch those carrots, too!
My son hated practicing his guitar, also, until he found some songs online that he wanted to learn to play. He said he liked those a lot better than the ones in his book.