Friday, October 13, 2006

Busy, Busy, busy and getting nothing done!!

Since Wednesday, we have had a guitar lesson for Dyl, completed chapter 5 in SOTW. They made a cyclinder seal. Did a little bit of school work and took today off. Dyl did, Trin had to complete her Colonial Newspaper for US HIstory. She is so funny. This is one course she does online and she asked me what I would have graded her. I told her an 80. She got mad!! I told her she needed more detail. We shall see what her teacher gives her.

Everyone is going camping tomorrow at the boy scout camp. Mom is staying home to scrapbook and watch movies!! I am so excited and can hardly wait!!

The kids have made their own blogs, but haven't blogged in it yet.
Trina's is

Dyl's is

They should be blogging next week. I am going to try to make it part of their schoolwork each day. More fun than writing in a notebook. Thanks for the idea Funky Redhead!! You Rock!!

Have a great weekend. I know I am going to!!


Funky-Redhead said...

hey! wow! You have been a busy bee!
The kiddos sound very excited! Can't wait to hear what they have to say!

amiedanny said...

Hi Bun, thanks for the advice on switching over to blogger. I decided to do it. Another friend told me about picasa, so I'm using that too. I like it much better!