Friday, September 08, 2006

September 9, 2006

It is very hot here today. We started our day off with Dylan and Mom playing a Math card game. You have to balance 4 cards out of 6. We are working on addition, but you can modify it for subtraction, division, and multiplication. It is always fun to start Math with a game.
Katrina is doing her U.S. History on line and her she is working. Looks like she may have to work through the weekend. I am tired of nagging her all the time. So this week, since it was a short school week, I would leave her to do it her way. Her way....ummmmhhhh never seems to work out well. The sad thing is that she never learns that sometimes Mom's way or the teachers way is better....oh well. Dylan is doing well with Phonics Pathway and I notice a big difference already!! I love it when we can find a way to make things connect.
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Donna Boucher said...

Katie would love to come to school at your house! You are sure a creative teacher! I am a little boring, I'm afraid.

Perhaps you will inspire me to spice things up a little around here :o)