Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 7, 2006

Today was our Story of The World History Day. Dylan's friend Woody came over and we held class at my house because I had no truck. Can you quess what we are studying??
Their crowns are from the Upper Egypt White Crown King who was King Narmer or known as King Menes. We learned about the Nile River always overflowing at a certain time each year. When it did, it left the wonderful silt that was full of vitamins and minerals for the plants. They made the pharaohs shepherd's crook which showed that he was suppose to lead and take care of all the Egyptian people. Ummm...think those three could take care of all of us??? We always seem to have a good time learning and doing the crafts with it.
Then it was off to guitar lessons for the boys. They enjoy it and Dylan loves to practice at home.
We also did some more on Mystery of History and are trying to learn what day God created what. This is something I didn't know either. Man I sure am learning/relearning alot doing this homeschool with the kids!!!
Love to you all
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