Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31, 2006

We have had a busy week. Getting back into school has been hard for all of us. Then we had to prepare for Hurricane Ernesto. Thank goodness he didn't do anything to us. He still is a concern for Georgia and the Carolina's.
Dylan's writing assignment today was to reflect and write a memory about the month of August, it could be a favorite school activity, movie, whatever he wanted to write about. He forgot it was suppose to be for August and wrote about February and how we made the candy clock to learn time!! I am glad that he has some great memories about homeschooling!! Makes me feel better about it!!!
Trina is doing well and got another 100 in Spanish!! I am so proud of her work. She laughs at me when I try to help her and read the Spanish!! Oh well, we must laugh more!!
We are looking forward to a three day weekend with no school, and having Dad home!! We start Religious Education next week. With me teaching 1st grade again. That's all for now!!<


Donna Boucher said...

It sure looks like you make schooling fun :o)

I hope you will be safe and hurricane free this weekend!


FatcatPaulanne said...

That candy clock is a very good idea!

amiedanny said...

Bunny, that is SO CUTE!! I love it! We'll have to try that.